"I, Jesus, Rock Star, book 1 – The Fall"

by Anton Eine

Christ's second coming into the modern world that gone wrong
A powerful gripping rollercoaster rock saga of Christ's second coming into the modern world. Profound, vivid, candid and provocative!
# Rockstar
# Contemporary
# Speculative
# Drama
# Christian
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For 2000 years, you have been awaiting my second coming. And now I’ve come back to save humanity, it’s all gone horribly wrong. I have found myself incarnated in the body of Dave Headstrong, a controversial rock singer who has dedicated his life to fighting and debunking the Church – my Church! And to make things worse, this time I’ve come stripped of my divine powers. How can I reveal myself to the world when I'm trapped in this poor deluded mortal’s helpless body? Will anyone believe what I have to say or will they write me off as a madman? I, Jesus, rock star didn't choose this path, but I'm not going to give up. I am ready to fight for the salvation of mankind whatever the cost. Social issues, political conflicts, the venality of religion, a crisis of faith, love, hate, betrayal and a lot of loud rock music – I am willing to go through all of this to complete my mission. So, will you follow me?